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About Us UK’s Leading Expert Witness Network

At Expert Witness Direct we operate a company that provides Expert Witness Reports for the Criminal Justice System as well as for Family Law cases. 

Our team have an immense wealth of experience within the Medicolegal field. 

Our experts are not recently qualified, but seasoned practitioners/professionals.  

We supply experts from Psychology and Psychiatry, as well as a full range of IT forensics and many more specialised fields.

We work within the LAA rates and guidelines, which for you means no more searching and no more negotiation.

Easy guide Psychology Explained

Read our guide to choosing the correct psychologist for your case.

Experience and efficiency Our Mission

We have a dedicated team at the moment albeit small at our disposal.

We have very well-trained administrators/case managers and account managers with a total of over 16 years of experience in the industry.

Our experience allows for us to identify and refer the correct expert needed for each enquiry efficiently. We also pay our experts well which ensures that our experts are the best and the brightest, whilst still working within LAA rates and guidelines.

We have quality control and proof-reading to ensure the highest standards in our reports. Lastly, this is a company run by a leading Forensic Psychologist. We have a professional and dedicated team who all own a vested interest in EWD.

Our mission is to identify a need within the market for the absolute best in all forensic fields and focus on quality not quantity.

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